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We believe that God designed the family to be the primary disciple-making relationship. In other words God gave parents the privilege of nurturing faith in the next generation. Although this may sound simple it does not just happen. Unless parents are growing in their relationship with Jesus and demonstrating an authentic love for Christ that results in a home where the fruits of the Spirit are seen, then why would our children want our faith? It is only through this growing relationship that we can truly learn to be a Godly husband, wife, parent or child. (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Prov. 22:6, Josh. 24:15, Eph. 5 22-33, Eph. 6:1-4)

Our Commitment:

At North Bible Church we are committed to encourage, empower and equip families, all families, whatever their make-up, to bring Christ into the center of their homes.


You will realize very quickly that North is a church with lots of families. Although we have something for your children–no matter their age–we are very committed to making sure everyone in your family feels part of our Sunday worship experience. With that in mind, children and students (K-twelfth grade) participate in the first part of the worship service. We believe providing a common spiritual experience will help you build a stronger family and encourage your family’s faith at home.


No matter what life stage you are in or pain you may have endured on your faith journey, we want to empower you to be the spiritual leader in your home. Our Staff and volunteers work hard to ensure that North is a place where authentic “life on life” ministry happens. This may come through the Sunday worship service, a small group, a casual conversation with someone on Sunday morning or any number of ways.


There are many ways in which we equip people, especially parents, to live out their faith in their homes. Here are just a few examples:

· Sunday Worship Service (family participation/the Blessing)

· Family Discussion Tools – lesson handouts, Virtue Packs

· “Take It Home” Events – parental training for age-specific spiritual development


· HomePointe – integrated strategy to help people grow in their walk with Christ, have a strong and thriving marriage, introduce their children to Jesus and help parents shepherd their children through the teen years so they are equipped to grow as a devoted follower of Christ.

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· Faith Path - Faith Path is designed to coach parents through the process of nurturing faith in your children… one step at a time. This is done by recommending a focus on specific practices at certain ages, birth thru age 18. We will provide you with a specially designed kit for each step that includes a training video, a simple guide, a recipe card with fun starter ideas and recommended “best of” resources & recommendations.

For more information on Parenting contact:

Sharon Smith
Office Manager