Regathering Plan and Updates


North Bible Church's 7-Day Prayer Challenge

August 16-22, 2020

"7 PLACTS" - This plan is called the 7 PLACTS to represent the different ways in which we will approach prayer this week.

Each day we will do the following...

"7" Read and reflect on the 7-day challenge found in the Bible App. ( or click HERE.

"P" Pause - After your reading and reflecting from the app, pause for a few moments. Clear your mind. Breathe and ask the Holy Spirit to meet you. Listen for what God may be wanting to say to you. Before you start talking to God, allow Him to talk to you. 

"L" Lord's Prayer - Read/Recite the Lord's prayer. Start by calling God 'Dad' and approach this prayer with as much reverence and godly fear as possible. Consider the words as you read/recite them. (Matt 6:9-13) 

"A" Adoration - The Psalms, which are inspired samples of godly prayer, are heavily weighted on the side of adoration. Spend some time adoring and giving glory to God for who He is.

"C" Confession - As we remember who we are when we come into God’s presence, we see that we have come short of His holiness and have need of His forgiveness. Confess your sins.

"T" Thanksgiving - Give thanks, remembering the grace, mercy, blessings and love God has shown.

"S" Supplication - Bring your requests for the needs of others and yourself to God. He wants to hear the desires of your heart.