Children K-5th grade (KidzStreet)


And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52 

Our Goal

The kind of growth modeled by Jesus happens by intention...not by accident!
This is why at North Kids, kids learn:
• Wisdom (I need to make wise choices)
• Faith (I can trust God no matter what)
• Friendship (I am not alone in this journey)

Our North volunteers are passionate about teaching kids to follow Jesus at their level and partnering with parents to teach their kids throughout the week.  

Large Groups

Large group lessons are taught to each group using creative and engaging storytelling. Each month a different memory verse and virtue is taught.

Small Groups

After the large group time the children are broken into groups determined by grade. In these small groups, the students learn how to meet, know and follow Jesus in a fun and creative ways.

Check-in Schedule

Please check in your child at least 5 minutes prior to either the 9 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. service. 

Opportunities to Serve

There is a huge need for adults who want to have fun and connect with kids.


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What is Start Here?

Start Here is an event for parents that will help begin the conversation with their child about what it means to follow Jesus. We will be taking a step-by-step approach to cue families to talk about how to become part of God's One Big Story.

Who should attend? 

The Start Here event is created for both the parent and child, however, parents can attend without their child.  

When is the event?

March 31, immediately after the second service. Lunch will be provided. 

Do I need to sign up?

Yes, please. Signing up for the event means having enough lunch for everyone - and it's just greatly appreciated and helpful.  Plus it's easy to do - just click below or email Christa Coe at  


For more information about KidzStreet contact:
Christa Coe
Director of Children's Ministry