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Dan Burhmaster

Dan was raised in the Presbyterian Church attending each Sunday. Dan thought he was a Christian but had an intellectual knowledge of Jesus rather than a true personal relationship. He was also not well versed in the scriptures. While dating his wife, Tami, they attended a Catholic college group but issues were still not addressed. After Dan and Tami were married, they attended Galilee Baptist Church in Denver where he experienced rapid growth in his faith, became grounded in scripture, cemented his personal relationship with Jesus and was baptized.

Craig Carey

Growing up Craig's family tended to move around a bit. At one point they lived in a small town in western Massachusetts where he attended a one room Christian school. He was 12 years old and accepted Christ at that point even though no one else in his family was a Christian. As he looks back, he had moved from a new convert at 12 years of age to a very lukewarm follower of Christ by the time he graduated from ASU. During a difficult period in his life, Jesus pulled him from the darkness and gave him life. He has been growing in the Lord since 1992. He is eternally thankful to the Lord for taking him through the tough times to get him closer to God.

Christophe Charpentier

Christophe was born and raised in France and regularly attended Catholic services. However the lack of a personal relationship with Christ meant that he lost interest as a teenager. Christophe came to the USA to finish his studies and met his wife, Brooke. After getting married they both felt the need to meet other wholesome couples to share life with. They started going to a small group for young couples at a church in California. At the same time, Christophe started attending a men’s group at the same church. They were open to hear about God and Jesus as Savior but Christophe wanted to take his time to analyze the facts. In March of 1996, Brooke came home from a women’s retreat and informed Christophe that she had accepted Christ as her personal Savior. By faith, he then made the same decision and they were baptized shortly after. Today, Christ is a central part of his life. Christophe believes that he is God’s son and that God sent His own Son to die for his sins so that he could have a relationship with Him. Christophe's goal is to become more like Christ in all areas of his life.

 Aaron Cooper

Aaron grew up as a preacher’s kid and an army brat. His dad was a chaplain (Presbyterian) in the army. From a young age, he was taught the Bible and Judeo-Christian ethics, and dentified as a Christian, having given his heart intentionally to Christ when he was around 10 years old. As an adult, somewhere along the way, he fell victim unknowingly to prosperity teaching and somehow found himself believing that God should work for him. When his wife, Jill, got sick and his ‘prayers’ for her healing didn’t seem to ‘work’, he began to question his faith and whether or not the Christian religion was really the only way to God. He studied several of the world’s major religions and even considered the possibility that God didn’t exist at all. Toward the end of 2018, he felt the Holy Spirit move in his life in a way that he never had before. From that moment forward he finally understood what a real relationship with Christ was all about, and he has devoted his life since then to loving and serving Him. He would say that he has been a Christian since he was a child, but has been a true disciple of Christ since 2018.

Jeff Layton

Jeff accepted the Lord as his Savior almost 60 years ago. He has witnessed God's mercy and patience through the heartbreaks of being a young adult, through his service in the military when a country was divided, through a time with his first wife of 47 years - watching her slowly die over the last 20 years, and then he himself fall victim to a cancer meant to take his life. Jeff was told he had only six months to live and in the midst of that he saw he greatness of HIS glory and that miracles do still exist, and found a peace and understanding beyond measure. The doctor told him he did not know what happened, but they could no longer find any sign of the cancer. Jeff knew what had happened and found out just how great HE is. Life is good...God makes it greater. 

Mitch Malinski

Mitch grew up in a Catholic family and was taught right and wrong. While he believed in the triune God, he did not have, nor had he ever even heard of a personal relationship with Jesus. In 1979, a few months after his wife, Susan, and he started dating, she led him to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He continues to grow daily in his relationship with his Lord and Savior.


Todd Stewart

Some of Todd's earliest memories as a small child are of going to church. He first dedicated his life to Jesus at the Woodleaf Young Life camp in the early 80s. He dedicated his life again in August of 1988 and that is when his life really changed. Since then he as lived what he considers to be a Christian life. Not perfect of course, but very different than the life he lived before. His salvation experience wasn’t anything very dramatic, but he was definitely not the same person afterwards. It was very surprising to him how old habits and behaviors became unpleasant and undesirable. Todd says there is no doubt in his mind that God has been at work in his life ever since. Todd and his family have attended North for 11 years.