The Elder Board

The Elder Board is responsible for the governance and oversight of the affairs of the church. Working in conjunction with the pastors, they are responsible to ensure that the mission and ministries of the church are consistent with biblical directives and principles. They are to steward the financial resources of the church. Elders serve for a maximum of 4 years at a time. You may reach out to the elder board at  


Daniel Comstock

Daniel grew up in a Christian home and always had a feeling of closeness to the Lord, baptized at an early age. However, as a young man he struggled with sin that would eventually lead to him running away from God for a brief time. He began to research many different secular claims on truth and philosophies about the universe. He was looking for anything but God, though he didn't get far before he had a spiritual experience much like Hebrews 4:12-13 describes. The Lord made no mistake of who he was and showed Daniel that even a vision of the Lord is too overwhelming for him to understand. He was no match for His presence. The event spurred him to study scripture fervently and cling to Jesus. He was led by the spirit to be baptized again in August of 2014, and since then, wherever the Spirit has led, he will continue to go. Daniel and his family have attended North for 15 years. He is a member of the worship team and has participated with Young Life, Family Life Radio and World Vision. 

Aaron Cooper

Aaron grew up as a preacher’s kid and an army brat. His dad was a chaplain (Presbyterian) in the army. From a young age, he was taught the Bible and Judeo-Christian ethics, and dentified as a Christian, having given his heart intentionally to Christ when he was around 10 years old. As an adult, somewhere along the way, he fell victim unknowingly to prosperity teaching and somehow found himself believing that God should work for him. When his wife, Jill, got sick and his ‘prayers’ for her healing didn’t seem to ‘work’, he began to question his faith and whether or not the Christian religion was really the only way to God. He studied several of the world’s major religions and even considered the possibility that God didn’t exist at all. Toward the end of 2018, he felt the Holy Spirit move in his life in a way that he never had before. From that moment forward he finally understood what a real relationship with Christ was all about, and he has devoted his life since then to loving and serving Him. He would say that he has been a Christian since he was a child, but has been a true disciple of Christ since 2018.

Craig Douglass

Craig grew up in a Christian home in Southern California. His mom and dad met and were married in a small Baptist Church where they attended during his youth. His mom served as the worship leader of that small church for several years, so they had lots of music and singing in their home growing up. There was and is a solid lineage of Christians on both sides of his parents’ family trees. He heard and knew the gospel at a young age growing up. However, at the age of 12, after accepting Christ and being baptized the year prior, his mother died from cancer. This event crushed his faith. How could an all-loving God take his mom? They prayed for her recovery, but God did not answer their prayers. Craig could not see it at the time, but his mother’s passing pivoted his life to where it is today.  Although he did step away from his Christian walk during his years of high school and college, he did not stop believing. Craig's life verse is Romans  8:28: “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose”.  “All things” does include a mother’s passing at age 12. Craig and his wife, Lisa, have been part of North since its inception and have served at North in a variety of roles. Craig served on the first elder board at North, as well as on the Living Hope Center board, he and Lisa lead one of our community groups.  

Dana Hallman

Dana did not grow up attending church, he knew of God, but not personally. After he started dating Doreen in 1979 they began going to church at SBC and it was through Doreen and her mom, Anita, that he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior in October of 1979. Dana is the chairman of the missions committee, has previously served on the elder board, was head usher for 8 years, and a leader of a Forum of Four group. He and Dorreen are community groups leaders as well as marriage mentors.  

Steve Neely

Both of Steve's parents worked so his older brother and he were dropped off every day to attend school near their grandmother’s house. It was his grandmother and an aunt who brought him to Christ. Steve accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior at the age of 12 at a Southern Baptist Church. Like many, his relationship with Christ suffered through high school and into his work career as he thought he was in control. It was actually Christ, through his younger two children, who continued to reach towards his heart and convict in him how important it was to be the spiritual leader of his household. He allowed him to realize that it had not been Steve that should be taking credit for achievements in either his career life or in the first 20 years of marriage/family life, but that He had been guiding him all along! Steve's personal relationship with his Savior continues to grow every day. He is eternally thankful that He continues to reach towards him throughout his stubbornness and pride and that He blessed him with a loving wife that never stopped praying for him and their family.

Todd Stewart

Some of Todd's earliest memories as a small child are of going to church. He first dedicated his life to Jesus at the Woodleaf Young Life camp in the early 80s. He dedicated his life again in August of 1988 and that is when his life really changed. Since then he as lived what he considers to be a Christian life. Not perfect of course, but very different than the life he lived before. His salvation experience wasn’t anything very dramatic, but he was definitely not the same person afterwards. It was very surprising to him how old habits and behaviors became unpleasant and undesirable. Todd says there is no doubt in his mind that God has been at work in his life ever since. Todd and his family have attended North for 11 years.  

Jon Welch

Jon was raised in the church, but in college, upon exposure to more diversity and questions that he could not answer, he went through a crisis of faith eventually declaring himself agnostic and subsequently experiencing a deep depression for much of a year. Through God's faithfulness, God brought Jon (back) to, what was at the time, a reluctant submission to the truth of Christ. As Jon ventured into a very challenging ministry after college he struggled with resentment for not seeing the results that he expected from his service. God patiently dealt with Jon's resentment, using it to teach him that we are to be faithful to God, for His name’s sake, and trust any outcome or results to God and his purposes. God used depression to lead Jon to conviction and submission and used resentment to lead him to trusting Him (Jon is apparently a stubborn learner), but has ultimately invited him into ministry, teaching him the joy, the frustrations, and refining his understanding of this life always. Jon and his family have attended North for over 7 years and Jon is a leader in North's student ministry.

Joe White 

Joe thought he knew Jesus his whole life but realized after reading "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis that he did not know Him personally. He realized then it was Jesus who had been with him through his struggle to become sober - with its withdrawal, anxiety, depression and the soul crushing amend process (step 9). Joe knew he did not deserve Jesus or His help, but Joe knew that Jesus loved him and because of that it changed Joe's life completely. Recognizing that it was Jesus who was beside Him all along is a joyful experience Joe would like to share with everyone.