Welcome to north students! 

Sundays: 10:45
Students start in the worship center to participate in worship and then are dismissed to the upper room for a lesson and small groups.
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the upper room:
The upper room is the place where Jesus hung out, ate, worshipped, encouraged, prayed for and served his disciples. On Wednesday nights, during school months, we meet in "the upper room," to do the same. Students will hang out, eat, worship, hear a lesson and meet in groups to be encouraged, prayed for and learn how to serve the kingdom of God. Our focus is "on earth as it is in heaven" because we want to see God's kingdom come by being active participants in building and serving His kingdom here. We also want to see God's will be done on earth and in our lives. We always come back to the questions of "whose kingdom am I building?" and "whose will am I following?" 
In "the upper room," we want to connect students to Christ and community. Life is better together, and we desire to make sure every student knows they are loved by God and loved by us exactly where they are at!
We do events throughout the year in the hope of connecting more relationally with your students and giving them opportunities to bring their friends to be part of our community. Summer Calendar
Grow deeper & expand wider to lift higher the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus! 


For more information contact:
Brent Fehl
Pastor of Students and Young Adults